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I Will Fix Shopify Speed Issues

Expert Shopify Speed Optimization!

I do Shopify speed optimization, knowing how incredibly important speed is to a successful e-commerce operation.  

Shopify Store Speed is the #1 Cause for Low Conversions:

Customers are impatient and expect your Shopify store speed to be excellent, loading the page quickly.  E-commerce is all psychology & impulse.  When a customer comes to your site, quickly take them towards the finish line before they lose interest! Every second your site takes to load, you lose 7% in your conversion rate.  Do the math! 

How will you speed optimize my Shopify store?:

  • Defer parsing of javascript, videos, etc.
  • Database optimization
  • Minifying HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Compression & scaling of images & code as required
  • App analysis & old app code removal (premium package only)

What will not be included:

  • Leveraging Browser Caching (Not allowed by Shopify)
  • Serving Resources from a consistent url (Not supported by Shopify)